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Creating Learning Without Limits Project

Research Questions in detail

  1. The power of collective action
    • What possibilities for transforming learning capacity come within teachers' remit when a group of staff work together to identify and lift limits on learning, in the interests of the whole student community?
  2. Individual teacher development
    • What are teachers' experiences of and responses to working within a learning without limits ethos?
      • What problems do teachers experience in their efforts to develop pedagogies free from fixed ability thinking?
      • What strategies are most effective in their task of transforming learning capacity?
      • How do teachers' problems and their solutions to these problems confirm, modify or extend our initial model of learning without limits pedagogy?
      • Are there key turning points or significant incidents in teachers' thinking and practice over the lifetime of the project?
  3. School leadership
    • What issues face school leaders who want to develop schools committed to 'learning without limits'?
      • How do they successfully manage the tensions and conflicts between their own development agenda and the requirements of national policy?
      • How do they communicate their purposes and values to, and win the support of, other bodies, for example parents and governors?
      • What support needs to be provided for classroom teachers? Does the model of pedagogy derived from previous research also apply to this task?
      • How can pupils themselves be enabled to work on a whole-school basis as active agents in the development of their own and each others' learning capacities?
  4. Role of parents/communities
    • What part do parents play, positively or negatively, in supporting or limiting the influence that teachers and schools can have in transforming learning capacity?
      • How can schools actively promote the positive contribution that parents/communities can make?
      • How can the Head-teacher/members of Senior Management Team best communicate the central ideas of Learning Without Limits to the community of parents/governors (etc.)