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Transforming Learning Capacity: working with others


This project brought together a group of educators committed to the aims and ideas of the original Learning Without Limits project whose role is to support the professional development of colleagues. Our work contexts included Advanced Skills teaching, School Leadership, Specialist Support, HE degrees for TAs, Initial Teacher Education and In-service Education.

The group's aim was to explore and reflect together on how our commitment to developing teaching approaches for 'transformability' informed our work with colleagues.

Mary Jane Drummond Early Years, CPD, University of Cambridge
Lani Florian ITE, inclusive education, University of Aberdeen
Susan Hart Specialist Support Teacher, LEA based
Joy Jarvis ITE, University of Hertfordshire
Holly Linklater ITE, inclusive education
Mandy Swann ITE and CPD, University of Cambridge
Julie Marshall Advanced Skills teacher, secondary Humanities
Donald McIntyre ITE and CPD, University of Cambridge
Alison Peacock Headteacher, The Wroxham School, Hertfordshire
Anne Reay ITE Mathematics Bradford College
Pauline Schiff Head of Cognition and Learning, Specialist Teaching Team, LA based
Claire Taylor HE Foundation degree for TAs, ITE, Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln
Anne Watson ITE and CPD, secondary Mathematics, University of Oxford
Patrick Yarker Researcher, University of East Anglia

Research approach

Group members undertook to record and reflect on their thinking and practice as they engaged in dialogue with colleagues and sought to influence practices as part of their day-to-day professional work. The group met together, at the Faculty of Education in Cambridge, twice a term over three years to share their thoughts and insights arising from their experiences and share analysis of key ideas arising. Our TLC Research Aims page gives more information.

The research has been enriched and extended through a seminar series funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. In addition to core group meetings, seminars were held once a term for two years, with input from leading international researchers working in related fields. The seminar series also allowed us to invite a wider group of participants, Head teachers, classroom teachers and LEA personnel to help us to reflect on issues arising and their implications for practice in different contexts.

Analysis and key ideas

Contexts for dialogue

Some of the opportunities for dialogue that arose during the life of the project can be seen by clicking Contexts.  This document sets out some of the ways in which Learning Without Limits principles informed developments in practice in a variety of different professional settings.

Strategies and principles

Our analysis of common features of the strategies employed by members of the team working in these different settings can be found by clicking Strategies. This document explores links between these strategies and Learning Without Limits pedagogical principles, as applied to adult learning.