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Room 13 evaluation studies

Room 13 Hareclive

Room 13 Hareclive is a member of the international Room 13 Network of stand-alone student-led art-studios. Room 13 exists to enable young people in school to make the art they want in the way they want, and to take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the studio. Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate Gallery, called the Room 13 project ‘the most important model for artistic teaching in school we have in the UK.’ There are significant overlaps between the principles informing a Learning Without Limits approach to teaching and learning and that taken in Room 13 to children, their artistry and work. A detailed consideration by Mary Jane Drummond of how Room 13 Hareclive enables children to be artists can be read at:

As part of his work to devise and establish a tracking and monitoring project in Room 13 Hareclive, Patrick Yarker researched the ways users of the studio thought and felt about their Room 13. His report makes visible many of the benefits of the Room 13 approach by collecting a variety of verbal and visual material produced by Room 13 Hareclive users across a year of activity in the studio. It can be read by application to the studio:


 An article which tries to think further about the implications of the Room 13 project for mainstream education can be found here:

 ‘Lifting the Lid and Mucking about with Minds: the example and challenge of Room 13’. Forum, 50(3), pp. 367-376

An article tracing the work of visual artists with a particular year-group across a fortnight’s dedicated activity out of school can be found here:

‘A Week Sketching Fruit: students at work with a visual artist’. Forum, 48(1), pp. 61-68.