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TLC Project Resources


Colleagues who are interested in Learning Without Limits core ideas and principles often ask for more specific guidance to help them in their practice. We have always stressed that there is no one approach or recipe; all the teachers we know who use these ideas to guide their decision-making work differently, and all continue to review and develop their understandings of what is involved in teaching for learning without limits .

Sharing ideas and practices with colleagues, and using the LWL core ideas and principles as a stimulus for exploring together ways to enhance learning opportunities is undoubtedly the most powerful starting point. In this part of the website, we provide some activities and resources to support thinking and discussion about the ideas and their application to practice.

Resources to support thinking, discussion and practice:

1. Labels and their impact
An activity designed to explore people’s experiences of having labels applied to them, or to others close to them:

  • Distribute ‘Labels’ handout (pdf)
  • Discuss in pairs experiences of labelling, particularly in childhood, and their impact at the time and since
  • Discuss generally issues relating to labelling in general and ability-labelling in particular, and implications for practice

2. Re-thinking intelligence
A list of books exploring views of intelligence that challenge conventional ideas of ‘ability’, with a brief synopsis of each (pdf)

3. Classroom accounts and analysis
Analysis and discussion of accounts of classroom activities, exploring if and how these accounts embody the core pedagogical principles: co-agency, everybody, trust, unpredictability.