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TLC Research Aims

Teachers and other educators who are committed to 'transformability' and to the model of pedagogy outlined in Learning Without Limits strive to maintain and develop their practices in accordance with their beliefs and values. This further phase of the research was designed to add to what was learnt through the previous study by focussing on processes of development: how teachers and other educators come to formulate their purposes in terms of transforming learning capacity and how the principles that guide their practices, and the practices themselves, evolve.

Specifically, in this further study, we have been investigating how these processes of development are fostered by people whose role is to support the work of teachers and other educators and/or enable their professional development.

Research questions

  • How do the ideas of Learning Without Limits and the pedagogical model outlined in the book influence our conceptualisation of our various roles and how we enact these roles in practice?
  • What are the most effective strategies for engaging colleagues with the ideas in Learning Without Limits?
  • In what respects are current concepts, structures and practices in schools and other educational settings in tune with Learning Without Limits ideas/practices?
  • In what ways are current concepts, structures and practices in schools at odds with Learning Without Limits ideas/practices?
  • What perceptible changes in the thinking and practice of teachers and other educators can be documented, and how do they appear to be linked to the strategies adopted?
  • Where strategies have been successful, in what ways (if any) do they reflect the core principles of 'everybody', 'co-agency' and 'trust'?
  • How does this application of the pedagogical model in this new context cause us to reshape and develop the model itself?

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